Wine Experience

Wine Experience

Why raise money through wine?

Even if your fundraising group is not large, the dollar-for-dollar return on specialised wine sales is a proven earner that can outperform almost any other single fundraising initiative. Why? Because it taps into a quality consumer product that people buy anyway, and because it delivers them real savings on their normal expenditure.

How do we choose our wines?

We are happy to guide you through your selections over the phone or via our website. Also, you are welcome to buy any tasting stock at the fundraising rate.

Can we customise our label?

For a minimal fee per case, we can incorporate your logo, letterhead, drawing or any other item or text you’d like. We have a variety of label templates that may appeal, or we can design something completely original on your behalf.

How long does it take once order forms are submitted?

Allow us two weeks to process cheques and credit cards, and to prepare all your customer’s orders. No additional outlay is required from your charitable organisation, nor are there any hidden charges.

Are there any delivery charges?

Wine Experience will deliver your wine direct to your customer’s door Australia-Wide, charges can be checked and confirmed at checkout. If you would like to collect your wine in store, no charges will apply.

Do you have a success story?

One school is using their own custom labelled wine as an ongoing ‘wine club’. Orders are placed directly on our site and delivered to the purchaser’s door. The promotion, ordering and purchasing is all handled direct to parents.

Wine Experience

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Learn more about fundraising with wine here.

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