Vision Portraits

Vision Portraits

Why choose us?

We have been running fundraising events for 18 years & continue to remain fresh in style, fun & creative. We love meeting new families & re-visiting our Schools to see how our families change & grow.

Where do the photos take place?

We visit your School, set up our studio indoors and find a beautiful spot for outdoor sessions. Sometimes a location nearby! What do families receive for their $15? They choose their favourite photo for us to print in 10” x 13” size with wooden frame.

How much money can we raise?

Minimum of $15, $20 or $30 per booking, plus gifts & bonus offers.

What does the School have to do?

Simply distribute the promotional material we provide & open up on the day!

How do we book a fundraising event?

Call us to find a suitable date for both your Photo Fundraising event & Kinder Photography.

Vision Portraits

1800 067 714

Learn more about fundraising with photography here.

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Vision Portraits

Vision Portraits ofers the perfect fundraising program. We visit your School and take creative, fun and stylish photos of your children & families & help you raise a lot of money. It is so simple as we have same day viewing - families can view all their photos straight after the fun photo session.