How important is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is the biggest missed opportunity for most schools and clubs. Even the smallest groups can benefit more than they imagine from building long-term relationships with sponsors. Local businesses also benefit by connecting with families in their local community.

Who is Sponsorboard?

Sponsorboard was set up by Jo, a mum of 5 who has spent years volunteering on sports, kindergarten and school committees. The sponsorships she helped to establish have created an important ongoing source of funds for these groups – even long after she left! Jo has seen other groups struggle to create these results and wanted to help.

How can Sponsorboard help?

Sponsorboard helps schools, kindergartens and clubs to organise sponsorship, and creates a custom sponsored magnetic fridge calendar for all students/ members to provide value for sponsors. Sponsorboard has developed a seamless system to manage this process and, importantly, you get to keep the overwhelming majority of the money made!

What is the long-term benefit?

Sponsorboard has designed this program so the sponsorship can support your school or club well into the future. This means you can raise more money without increasing the burden on your own families.

How much can we make in sponsorship?

Get in touch to discuss the potential for your group. Many schools and clubs have the potential to make thousands – the figures might surprise you. head to our website or give us a call to request an info pack with free sample calendar, case studies and profit table.


0418 976 797


Learn more about fundraising with sponsorship here.


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