Sipahh Fundraising Ventures


Sipahh Fundraising Ventures

Why Sipahh Straws?

Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws are offering a new fundraising program that is sure to get the kids excited! With portion controlled servings and less than half a teaspoon of sugar per straw, Sipahh helps people drink more wholesome milk, less sugar everyday. Not only is Sipahh a lower sugar option compared with donut days and chocolate drives, it also offers healthy profit margins, helping you reach your goals sooner.

What is your Fundraising offer?

We have two different options available for your Fundraising initiative. If you’re looking for a healthier solution to the chocolate drive, then our Sipahh Fundraising Crates provide a fantastic solution. Each fundraising crate contains 24 x 4 packs and each 4 pack has an RRP of $2, making it an easy gold coin sale. You make a profit of $22 per box! However, if you’re having an event, then the pop up Sipahh Milk Bars with the sales of fresh milk and Sipahh straws are ideal. The Milk Bars provide an old-fashioned, fun experience and are a gorgeous stall to have at your event.

What information and support do you provide?

We have a dedicated page on our website that provides hints, tips and templates for making your Sipahh Fundraising Venture a success! Contact us today for your info kit and free sample pack of Sipahh Milk Flavouring Straws!

Sipahh Straws Fundraising Ventures

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Learn more about fundraising with Sipahh Straws here.

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