Signature Engraving


Signature Engraving

How long has Signature Engraving been in the fundraising business?

We are a family owned business that has been operating for more than 20 years.

Describe your product

We provide the highest quality name bricks and pavers to organisations as part of their fundraising projects Australia-wide.

What do customers like best about doing fundraising with you?

Our products generally achieve greater than 100% profit for the organisers, and also have the benefit of:

  1. providing recognition of the donors,
  2. can be easily added to for future fundraisers,
  3. huge range of paver and brick combinations available
  4. we are environmentally friendly.

What’s your most popular product?

By far and away our most popular product is our standard engraved name paver.

What groups get the most from their Signature Engraving fundraising experience?

The beauty of Signature’s engraved bricks and pavers (amongst other products!) is that they are very adaptable as a fundraising project for almost ALL organisations. We have assisted kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals, sporting clubs, RSLs, churches, Surf Life Saving clubs, scout/guide groups, animal welfare groups, museums, libraries, Lions and Rotary clubs……. it’s almost limitless.

Signature Engraving

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