Showbags are a traditional item at school fetes but they don’t deserve limited airing: they’ll sell at school open days, sports days, school discos —any fundraising event involving young children. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to find items to fill your showbags, choose ready made showbags or lucky dips.

I know of child care centres, kindergartens and infant schools holding mini ‘Show’ days very successfully. They combine perhaps a jumping castle, with a petting zoo, lucky dips and show bags. little kids in big crowds don’t last. The fun on the show’s lost. This way kids get a Show-like experience without the full expense…and the the centre fundraises too.

Some schools will run a showbag fundraiser to coincide with the major show – to give the opportunity for all kids to participate in the show atmosphere without having to brave the crowds.

If you are running a fete or carnival, consider offering showbags for sale by pre-order. This can be a very successful way of increasing profits.

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