What’s so special about a Pictureplate?

Our melamine Pictureplate is so durable, it lasts for generations. Parents love supporting a Pictureproducts fundraiser because they still have their own plates we made for them when they were kids. There’s just no other product on the market with that kind of longevity.

How do you help customers with fundraising?

Our market-leading promotional materials, attractive range of add-on products, plus the ability to order multiple copies for relatives gives you greater sales per family. We’re also available every day by phone or email to answer questions and provide advice, and our online order tracking system will keep you updated all the way through the production process.

What’s new this year?

So much is new in 2016. You can optionally offer an extended product range including pictureproducts smartphone cases and water bottles. Your school’s name and logo can be pre-printed on the plates. Many prices have been reduced, and now you’ll even profit from re-orders by parents after the fundraiser has completed.

When is a good time to run your fundraiser?

Our regular customers place their orders before the end of May to receive the Early Bird Discount. Production times change during the year – check our website.

What are people saying about you?

“This is an easy fundraiser to run, and worthwhile in terms of the money raised. The starter pack/ information kit is excellent – clear, straight- forward and very helpful. it was a pleasure to deal with your staff. any concerns or queries were resolved quickly. Thank you!”

– The Basin 3 year old group


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Learn more about fundraising with Pictureplates here.


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