Mr Showbags

Mr Showbags

How long have you been operating in fundraising?

our business was established in 2001 and we are now in our 15th year of helping schools and community groups raise funds.

Describe your product.

We supply commercial quality, pre packed, value packed showbags to the school fundraising and fete market.

What are your most popular showbags?

Our Mr Tricks and girls only Showbags have proven to be most popular in our range. We have a wide range of fantastic showbags from our Bertie Beetle to games Crazy Showbags.

How can a fundraising event make money on showbags?

They buy our product for under $4.00 and sell on to the kids and Mums and Dads for between $6 and $7 each. Easy.

How can we maximize sales?

Create interest by taking pre orders of showbags before the fete, hand the show bags out on the day and you will sell heaps.

Have you one piece of advice for fundraising success with showbags?

Deal with Australia’s market leading showbag company and be enthusiastic. also, plan ahead for great success.

How else can it work?

As well as being great at fundraising events like fetes and family fun days, a Showbag Drive is also a great way to raise funds. Send home an order form for our most popular showbags and we will send them pre-packed and ready to send home. This works well timed with your official Show, as all children can have a taste of the show without spending a lot of money!

Mr Showbags

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Learn more about fundraising with showbags here.


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