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Mini Golf/ Putt Putt School Fundraising

So you have put your hand up to help out with your local school’s fundraising and thinking argh… what / how / where do I begin?? There are heaps of fantastic fundraising ideas, and if you have a local mini golf or driving range locally based, utilising this can be a fun-filled, community-minded and profitable way to fundraise for your local school.

Most local businesses enjoy supporting schools and community fundraising events.  Once you contact them with the fundraising initiative, they will jump on board.  A mini putt range would offer special packages to support fundraising initiatives that will result in maximum returns.  Firstly, you will need to contact and book in with the mini putt putt in advance so you can give as much notice and advertising space in the lead up to the big event.

Secondly, advertise the fundraiser through all the local media outlets (local rag / school newsletter / facebook page etc).  Keep the focus on why you are raising funds and what the ultimate benefit of your golf fundraiser will be.  Putting up posters around the neighbourhood, school office and the local councillors office.

Next, it’s time to organise the selling of the tickets.  Try using an online facility such as Sticky Tickets or Event Brite. Makes it much easier to sell online where people can use their credit cards for instant payment and booking.

When selling the fundraiser tickets, you can create interest by:

  • Create an ‘early bird special’ for bookings made before a certain date.
  • Offer family – pass discount tickets.
  • Student discounts

To raise a profit, you could include the following types of fundraising:

  • Local businesses to ‘sponsor’ a hole – keep the price reasonable. With the sponsor each business receives a sign or a flag with their brand next to each hole.  The businesses could offer their own incentives to draw customer’s to them such as coupons (2-for-1 deals) or kids eat free etc.
  • Sell raffle tickets on the day for a donated prize.
  • Selling food and drinks is another profitable option depending on the golf course you choose.
  • Silent auctions for donated goods and services.  Place the items and bid sheets throughout the course so players can bid while on the course.
  • Donations! Often, donations can raise a considerable amount of money. Put jars around the course where people can drop a few coins into.

School fundraising using your local mini golf or ‘putt putt’ or driving range course is a fantastic and different way to raise money – good luck!