Make Cents Fundraising

Make Cents Fundraising

Handmade greeting cards presented in a reusable box. You receive 33-40% profit on all sales with no upfront outlay.

Delivery Australia wide.

How long have you been operating?

We are two mums who got together in February 2008 with a one-off trial to give it a go, and it was an immediate success so we knew we were onto something special.

What is the concept behind your fundraising project?

The product is a variety of beautiful handmade embellished 3D greeting cards sold in boxes of 30. Not only are they attractive and useful, but cost effective too, with each card working out to be under $1.00. They are ordered on consignment and organisations are able to return unsold cards.

What do your customers like best about doing fundraising with you?

Our customers appreciate the fact that they are fun products and easy to sell. There is nothing to organise and they can return the boxes that are unsold so they won’t make a loss.

What fundraising advice would you offer to someone starting out?

It is so important to have the cards to show people when you are selling them. It’s difficult to get an idea about the cards and how attractive they are without seeing one for yourself. This is exactly the reason we send three free sample cards to anyone that is thinking of fundraising with us (just get in touch with us and ask to be sent an info kit!).

Do you have any success stories?

We have sold over 2.5 million cards now so we must be doing something right! A dance school has sold over 400 boxes and a remote school of only 12 students sell in excess of  100 boxes a year. It doesn’t matter how big or small your group is, Make Cents Fundraising is suitable for all.

Make Cents Fundraising

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