A little bit about Expressions…

Our products provide unique, profitable and healthy fundraising options for schools and community organisations, as well as high quality merchandise used to promote brand awareness, commemorate special occasions or as customised retail stock.

Expressions began in 1999 as a one-woman operation working with a handful of schools. Today we have grown into a vibrant team of professionals working with thousands of clients in every corner of Australia. We love working in the fundraising industry with a feel-good product where everybody wins.

How does it work?

We want everyone involved to enjoy the process and share in our enthusiasm in creating gorgeous mementos.

  1. Arrange a free Coordinators’ kit, which includes everything you need to run a successful fundraiser.
  2. Spread the word and start promoting your project, then get creative with your drawings and handprints.
  3. Send it back and we take care of the rest.

You raise much needed funds, the kids are proud of their artwork and parents love the keepsake, it’s all about community.

Describe a success story.

A small playgroup located in gorgeous Esperance came up with a bus roll style design with names of waterways and beaches in the local region. The original order came in 2013 and the designs are so popular with locals and tourists they are still selling now after their fourth reorder, WOW!!!


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