Design A Brick

Design a Brick

How does it work?

An organisation (school, sporting club, RSL, etc) initiates a project and uses our personalised products to demonstrate the support of the sponsor. The organisation sets the price and sells the bricks and pavers to sponsors who will have their personalised product placed in a prominent area.

Are products Australian made and exclusive as fundraisers?

The engraved products are produced using Australian Bricks and Pavers. The personalised engraved bricks and pavers can be used as memorials, graduations, logos and signage.

What are the costs?

The costs to run a fundraising campaign are low, with no initial outlay. our products are sold at a Design a Brick fixed price, and you set the ultimate sell price to your sponsors. The difference is your fundraising profit.

How long have you been operating in fundraising?

Design a Brick is a relatively new business however we come with significant experience. Being a family owned business with school age children, we are actively involved in and understand the challenges of running School and Sports fundraising programs.

How can we maximise sales?

Plan and get the word out. We have designed easy-to-use templates to help organise your project, however the key is to get the community behind it. Share the purpose of the fundraising and show what is on offer.

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