Colouring-in competition

A very popular fundraiser with the under 10s. Charge an entry fee and offer a small prize at the end. Displayed artwork can make a great decoration. If you are having a themed event, run a colouring-in competition in conjunction and half your decorating is done!


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Cookbooks are best-sellers and now it’s easy to publish your own cookbook, complete with professional finish and photos.

Specialist suppliers make cookbook production easy as a fundraiser. Appoint a book coordinator to source and collate the recipes. Seek recipes from within your school or group community or from ‘celebrities’ who live in your area or theme your book to suit your audience: favourite family recipes, children’s party foods or perhaps ‘Global Eating’ celebrating your community’s multi-cultural diversity.

Add to your fundraising by running a competition for the book cover’s design.

Or run a complementary fundraiser along with the cook book, such as a tea towel or spice drive: creating ‘gift packages’

Click here for our list of fundraising cookbook suppliers.

Cockroach Races

Cane toads, cockroaches —creepy critters we hate— make surprisingly fun fundraising events when turned onto a race track of sorts.

Gather up a decent number of the preferred racing stock, mark with non-toxic face paint to differentiate and sell them off individually at ‘auction’ together with some creative pedigrees.Then it’s race time.

Mark a circle (about 3m diameter) using a piece of string, a stake and some chalk. This is your race track. Mark a small circle (about 50cm) inside. This forms the ‘starting gate’ from which the ‘thoroughbreds’ race on release from their bucket or calico bag. The winner is the first to break out of the big circle.

These races need a race caller and auctioneer with enthusiasm.

Charge an entry fee for each race and give a percentage of takings as prize money (say 25% for the first out of the circle, 10% for the last). The balance is your fundraiser.

Betting is illegal. Your money comes from the sale of the racing stock and entry into individual race.
Owners can take their new ‘pets’ home after the races or leave for humane disposal.

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Fundraising Ideas starting with ‘B’

We recently put a call out to our Facebook fans to come up with some fundraising ideas starting with the letter ‘B’ as part of our A-Z of Fundraising, and here are the great ideas they kindly provided;

Biscuit Bake

Bunnings BBQ

Book Sales

Bake Sale


Bowls Day Out


Blue Day

Bare Foot Bowling

Bag Tags

Beauty Therapy Pamper Days


Bake Off

Broadcasting (To advertise your event where ever possible)

BBQ Anywhere

Bands (A lot of local bands could donate their time for exposure)

Back to front draw

Barn Dance

Business Directory

Bid for the centrepiece


Baby Showers

Bridal Expos

Broke Day

Bandaid Day

Banana Day

Bowling Fundraiser

Basketball Tournament

Brick Fundraising

Bottled Water


Beef Jerky

Book Fair

Book sale

Bikini and Budgee (to be worn only to a BBQ where only Burgers and Bangers are sold)

Bangers and mash day

Bookmark, Bottle or Bracelet personalised with the child’s artwork or photo

Fundraising Ideas starting with ‘A’

We recently put a call out to our Facebook fans to come up with some fundraising ideas starting with the letter ‘A’ as part of our A-Z of Fundraising, and here are the great ideas they kindly provided;


Art Show

Amazing Race (around your school/ club)

Apple Bob at school fete

Apple Slinkies




Active Participation


Art (by melting crayons on canvas)

Afternoon Tea

Alcohol (via selling, raffle or auction)


Arm Wrestling

Amazing Feats

Arts n Crafts

Animal Naming

Apple Pie Eating Contest

Animal Farms

A-List Party (Everyone dresses up in something starting with the letter ‘A’)

Aapy Party (Everyone attends your party and pays a donation to stay ‘Aapy’ or they are given a forfeit!)

Personalised Books

FRI books
Personalised children’s books are a great way to fundraise – particularly for preschools, kindergartens and child care centres. Offering parents books that have been personalised with their child’s name is a great commemorative gift. They are the perfect present for birthdays and Christmas. When well organised your organisation can receive a generous donation for each book sold and result in great fundraising success.

Fresh Mangoes

FRI fresh mangoes

Is your school, association or club looking for a new fundraising idea? Make your next event the Mango Fundraiser! It’s fresh, healthy and an innovative alternative to conventional fundraising and it is very easy to organise! The Mango Fundraiser delivers trays of fresh mangoes, picked and packed during the premium mango harvest period, directly to schools, organisations or a nominated address. This healthy alternative has proven to be a phenomenal success as a fundraiser.

The fundraiser is held during Term 4 and is available in Metropolitan areas throughout QLD, NSW, VIC & ACT – great fruit and great prices.

Click here for mango suppliers

Guides to Fundraising in Australia

These ebooks will help fundraising volunteers to plan, run and make the most out of fundraising. These free resources have been specifically written to help Australian schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs, charities and community groups.

The Essentials of Fundraising: 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising

Find out all there is to know, find suppliers and fresh new ideas!
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2. Setting your fundraising calendar >
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