Bid for centerpiece

Bid for the centrepiece



Centrepieces not only add some flair to an event, they can be expensive. But they can also provide an opportunity to raise a bit of extra money.

If you have organised a sit-down event with table centrepieces, this is a nice bit of add-on fundraising that can turn the expense of ‘prettying up’ your tables into a profit-maker. There are different ways to organise this but the general idea is that you hold a mini auction within each table to sell the centrepiece. Let’s say there are 20 tables: You could have a closed auction where bids are submitted from the whole room and the top 20 bids win a centrepiece. Alternatively, run a mini-auction within each table for their own centrepiece.

One of the benefits of a statement centrepiece is that it is good for large or small fundraisers. It can suit anyone from an individual running a small trivia night to raise money for a fundraising event, right up to a gala ball fundraiser.

There are plenty of amazing ideas for centrepieces that people want to win. You can get creative and add a bit of sparkle into your centrepieces.

 Anything with chocolate will work well – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the auction doesn’t have to take place at the end of the event – it can be done early on, with the prize simply ear-marked for the winner. They may even share the spoils throughout the event!

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