Source Direct – Custom Label Bottled Water

Source Direct – Custom Label Bottled Water


What products are available? 

We supply custom label bottled water, sunscreen sachets and individually wrapped mints.


How does it work? 

We put your logo and details on the labels. It is much better to have your own label on the bottle etc when you sell it to raise funds or reward your staff and customers.


Are products Australian made and exclusive as fundraisers? 

Yes we supply pure Australian spring water. As the labels are custom made for each fundraiser then yes they are exclusive in that respect. We also supply schools, gymnasiums, sporting clubs and businesses large and small, throughout Australia.


What are the costs? 

The minimum order is 5 cartons x 24 bottles at $1.10 per round bottle including the label. Price reduces with larger quantities. As an example a pallet lot of 350ml bottles is $0.68 per bottle plus delivery. Artwork charges are extra.


How many should we order?

Any quantity in multiples of 24 bottles (min order 120 bottles) but the more you order the cheaper they get.


How long have you been operating in fundraising?

We are a small family owned business and have been supplying fundraisers since 2004.


How can we maximize sales?

Having your fundraising details on the label is a great start. People generally don’t mind paying a bit extra if they know the funds are going to help a good cause. You could also pre sell carton lots to ensure that you can order larger quantities (pallet lots) at the lower price.


What types of groups are suitable?

Custom label bottled water is ideal for everybody everyday as bottled water has a high perceived value and is healthy.


Why your business?

We pride ourselves on our service and value. The quality of our product speaks for itself as we use locally sourced premium spring waters and we are a certified carbon neutral supplier which is better for the environment. We work with fundraisers to ensure they receive the best value and products to suit their requirements. We also donate a small portion of each sale to the Clown Doctors which makes us feel good as well as our customers.


Source Direct

1300 447957

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Heather Brae Fundraising

Heather Brae Fundraising


What products are available?

Supa Slice and Bakery Treats Drive offers 7 assorted slices packed in Décor containers and freshly baked bakery treats including Choc Viennese Fingers, Yo Yos, Neenish Tarts, Anzac Cookies and Gluten Free products. The Supa Cookie Carry Pack contains 50 individually wrapped cookies and 6 delicious varieties of freshly baked cookies.


How does it work?

Supa Slice and Bakery Treats drive use an order form system. We dispatch the required number of order forms to you. We suggest giving members/families 2 weeks to gather orders and return them. Then all you need to do is return the ‘formal order form’ to Heather Brae and we dispatch your products. Stock for Supa Cookie Carry Pack drive is ordered upfront with 28 days to pay to approved purchasers.


What profits do you offer?

Supa Slice and Bakery Treats drive offers Groups $3.00 profit per product sold and the Supa Cookie Carry Pack Drive offers $20 profit per carry pack sold.


Are products Australian made?

Yes. Heather Brae Shortbreads is a family business that has been baking traditional family favourite treats since 1941. We are 100% Australian owned and all treats are totally baked in Victoria.


What information and support do you offer?

We send all supporting documents out to ensure your drive runs smoothly and successfully. These include the tally sheet, information sheets and formal order form. We are only a phone call or email away from assisting you with your queries.


Heather Brae Shortbreads

1300 191 491

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