Business Directory

Business owners rely on many advertising streams to bring customers to their doors, so offering them advertising solutions focused on your local community is often welcomed. Create a simple business directory, selling space for inclusion, and distribute throughout your group community. Business owners won’t want to miss out on such an exclusive opportunity to positively promote themselves to your members.

Something else.

Bulbs and seeds

Bulbs and seeds are a popular annual fundraiser. The simple guides to planting and tending bulbs and seeds will inspire keen have different packages: some distribute order forms; others have a code that can be entered onto a website for individual transactions.gardeners and aspiring gardeners alike.

Quality bulb fundraising activities offer comprehensive growing information as well as garden accessories to complement the bulb range—remembering that bulbs grow in a pot on a balcony or a full-sized garden. Spring flowering bulbs are the most popular. Their fundraising drives are held earlier in the school year. Summer flowering bulbs are also available for fundraising.

Reasons to consider a growing fundraiser

1. It’s good for the environment

  • Growing your own veggies, for example, helps reduce your carbon footprint. You eat in season; your produce isn’t being hauled across the city – let alone the globe; you don’t need to package what you grow.

2. Gardening teaches children important life skills like

  • responsibility (gained from caring for and tending plants)
  • patience (seedlings don’t know about immediate gratification)

3. Growing plants opens up a world of discovery for children

  • They learn where food comes from they learn about cause and effect.

4. It’s great to spend time outdoors

5. There’s a sense of achievement that comes in growing your own herbs and flowers.

6. You can plant your bouquet.

7. Every serious home chef secretly desires their own herb garden within reach of the kitchen.

Choosing bulbs, plants and herbs as a fundraiser ties you to their growing season. Think about what type of plant has the most appeal to your audience and look at their growing calendar,

Click here for our list of fundraising bulb and seed suppliers.

Bid for the centrepiece


Centrepieces not only add some flair to an event, they can be expensive. But they can also provide an opportunity to raise a bit of extra money.

If you have organised a sit-down event with table centrepieces, this is a nice bit of add-on fundraising that can turn the expense of ‘prettying up’ your tables into a profit-maker. There are different ways to organise this but the general idea is that you hold a mini auction within each table to sell the centrepiece. Let’s say there are 20 tables: You could have a closed auction where bids are submitted from the whole room and the top 20 bids win a centrepiece. Alternatively, run a mini-auction within each table for their own centrepiece.

One of the benefits of a statement centrepiece is that it is good for large or small fundraisers. It can suit anyone from an individual running a small trivia night to raise money for a fundraising event, right up to a gala ball fundraiser.

There are plenty of amazing ideas for centrepieces that people want to win. You can get creative and add a bit of sparkle into your centrepieces.

 Anything with chocolate will work well – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the auction doesn’t have to take place at the end of the event – it can be done early on, with the prize simply ear-marked for the winner. They may even share the spoils throughout the event!

Click here for some inspiration for your next fundraising event centrepieces.

Newsletter advertising

Newsletters are one of the main ways schools, clubs and organisations communicate with their community and members on a regular basis and they can provide a convenient source of local information and services.  Your newsletter readers are a particular demographic; one that some businesses would love to reach.  Why not consider selling advertising for your school, club or organisations newsletter to help local businesses reach their target market and also help build your bank account at the same time.

Some schools offer advertising on the last couple of pages of their newsletter, providing a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise to a captive audience of students, parents and family members in your local community.   With the introduction of digital newsletters, delivery is guaranteed and readership is often increased and this can provide local business with a cost effective alternative for their advertising.  Weekly or fortnightly publications mean that your advertisers will gain regular exposure to potential customers.  Encourage them to take on long-term bookings as the more often they are seen, the more they are remembered.  You can create incentives for these long-term bookings and also for members of your organisation by offering discounts.  Newsletter advertising also presents a great benefit for companies that sponsor your events.