Practical Fundraising Handbook: Extract

Personalised Music Cd’s

How many CDs does the average child have where their name is sung in every song? Indy Kids selection of music CDs not only has each child’s name sung through every song, but the messages are encouraging and uplifting. Help them learn their ABCs, celebrate a birthday, or inspire them to play outside safely.

Personalised Books

FRI books
Personalised children’s books are a great way to fundraise – particularly for preschools, kindergartens and child care centres. Offering parents books that have been personalised with their child’s name is a great commemorative gift. They are the perfect present for birthdays and Christmas. When well organised your organisation can receive a generous donation for each book sold and result in great fundraising success.


Perfume is a wonderful gift for Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s day, birthdays, etc. You can offer a fundraiser using leading brand perfumes and earn a commission on each sale. Imagine offering every dad the opportunity to effortlessly purchase Christmas or Mother’s Day presents and help with a fundraising campaign at the same time. It couldn’t be simpler.

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Ice Block Covers

Popsox are a cover for those little icy poles you keep in the freezer for kids. Kids just love them – no more frozen fingers. Available in fundraising packs, including icy poles, these are a great item for your next fundraising program. Also a great product to include in your school fete shaved ice or lolly stall.

Fresh Mangoes

FRI fresh mangoes

Is your school, association or club looking for a new fundraising idea? Make your next event the Mango Fundraiser! It’s fresh, healthy and an innovative alternative to conventional fundraising and it is very easy to organise! The Mango Fundraiser delivers trays of fresh mangoes, picked and packed during the premium mango harvest period, directly to schools, organisations or a nominated address. This healthy alternative has proven to be a phenomenal success as a fundraiser.

The fundraiser is held during Term 4 and is available in Metropolitan areas throughout QLD, NSW, VIC & ACT – great fruit and great prices.

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Guides to Fundraising in Australia

These ebooks will help fundraising volunteers to plan, run and make the most out of fundraising. These free resources have been specifically written to help Australian schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs, charities and community groups.

The Essentials of Fundraising: 22 Lessons for A+ Fundraising

Find out all there is to know, find suppliers and fresh new ideas!
1. Getting started >
2. Setting your fundraising calendar >
3. Choosing your fundraiser and supplier >
4. Fundraising drive essentials >
5. The fundraiser’s not finished ’til the handover manual’s done! >
6. Volunteers >
7. Building a partnership from the broader community >

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